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Acidulated (Weyermann) - Lowers the pH level of the wort, resulting in intensified fermentation and lightened Pils-like beer color for improved flavor stability and rounded flavor in Pilsener-style light beers, ales, and pale ales. {1.7-2.8L}

Amber Malt (Muntons) – Has a light, biscuity, dry flavor and can be used to produce Bitter, Mild Ales, Sweet Stouts, and traditional London Porters. {2L}

Aromatic Kiln 50 (Dingemans) - Used in brown ales. A mildly kilned malt that will add a strong malt aroma and deep color when used as a specialty malt. This malt can make up to 100% of the grain bill, but it is fairly low in surplus diastatic enzymes. {20L}

Beech Smoked Malt (Weyermann) - Has an exceptional flavor and aroma typical of this classic German malt style. Perfect for German classics like Kellerbier and Rauchbeir, or for Scottish or Alaskan ales. {2.1-3.6L}

Biscuit (Dingemans) - This toasted malt will provide a warm bread or biscuit flavor and aroma and will lend a garnet-brown color. Use 5-15% maximum. No enzymes. Must be mashed with malts having surplus diastatic power. {24.5L}

Black Patent (Briess) - Fully modified six-row Robust barley. Lends wort a deep red hue when used at 5% of the grist or more. Suitable for all styles; can be especially useful as a color enhancer for low-alcohol, non-alcohol, and light beers. Odor of mash: aromatic. Rate of filtration: normal. Black malt provides the color and sharp flavor found in stouts and porters. {500L}

Brown (Crisp) – A roasted specialty malt. It has a strong, dark-toasted grain flavor, slightly nutty with a hint of bitter chocolate. Brown malt imparts dark amber to light brown hues. It is used in many older English ale styles, and is an essential ingredient for traditional porters. {60-70L}

Carafa I (Weyermann) - a dark-roasted specialty malt made from high-quality spring barley. Where malt-based bitterness is not desired, Carafa Type 1 is a perfect fit. As the de-husked version of Carafa, it produces rich color, body, flavor and aroma without the harsh flavors and astringency typical of dark-colored grains. {300-338L}

Carafa II (Weyermann) - a dark-roasted specialty malt made from high-quality spring barley. Where malt-based bitterness is not desired, Carafa 2 is a perfect fit. As the de-husked version of Carafa, it produces rich color, body, flavor and aroma without the harsh flavors and astringency typical of dark-colored grains. {415-450L}

Carafa III (Weyermann) - a dark-roasted specialty malt made from high-quality spring barley. Where malt-based bitterness is not desired, Carafa 3 is a perfect fit. As the de-husked version of Carafa, it produces rich color, body, flavor and aroma without the harsh flavors and astringency typical of dark-colored grains. {490-560L}

Cara Aroma (Weyermann) – Improves body and aroma, and imparts a deep red color. Malty flavor and aroma. {115-150L}

Cara Brown (Briess) - Delivers an array of toasted flavors. Smooth and clean with a slightly dry finish. Light brown/orange color contributions. Flavor contributions: toasty, biscuity, nutty, graham cracker. {55L}

Cara Hell (Weyermann) - a drum-roasted caramel malt made from two-row, German barley that delivers a fuller body, improved aroma, and increased beer foam while also contributing to a more fuller, rounder body and flavor. Cara Hell also imparts deep copper color, and gentle notes of caramel flavor. Suitable for many lager and ale styles, notably Hefeweizen. {8-11L}

Cara Malt (Crisp) - imparts a golden straw color and a very mild caramel flavor with light sweetness. Crystal malts also add body and improve head retention. This light crystal is best used in lighter-colored beers where it adds maltiness and improves mouth feel with minimal alteration of color. {15L}

Carapils (Briess) - Adds body, smoother mouth feel, and foam stability. {1.3L}

Caramunich (Weyermann) - Imparts caramel flavor and copper color. {42-49L}

Cara Red (Weyermann) – Use up to 25% in Red Ale/Lager, Bock, Brown, Amber Wheat, or Alt beers. Lends fuller body and deep, saturated red color. {15-25L}

Chocolate (Briess) - Used in all types of beer to adjust color, and depending on amount used will impart chocolate notes to flavor. {350L}

Chocolate Rye (Weyermann) – Used at 1-5%, this roasted rye malt enhances aroma of dark beers and improves color. Dark, spicy flavor. {190-300L}

Crystal/Caramel 10 (Briess) - Gives a sweet, mild caramel flavor and a golden color. {10L}

Crystal/Caramel 20 (Briess) - Gives a sweet, mild caramel flavor with a golden color. {20L}

Crystal/Caramel 40 (Briess) - Gives a sweet, medium caramel flavor and a light red color. {40L}

Crystal/Caramel 60 (Briess) - Gives a sweet, medium caramel flavor and a deep golden to red color. {60L}

Crystal/Caramel 80 (Briess) - Gives a sweet, smooth pronounced caramel flavor and a red to deep red color. {80L}

Crystal/Caramel 120 (Briess) - Gives a pronounced to sharp caramel flavor and a deep red color. {120L}

Dark Wheat (Weyermann) - Contributes a mild golden color to wort and a robust malty-sweet flavor with notes of bread, biscuit, toffee, and caramel. Wheat malts are high in protein, which helps produce fuller-bodied beers. Dark wheat malt has a somewhat 'drier', more complex character than pale wheat malts. It's the signature malt for Bavarian Dunkelweizen, and perfect for Weizenbocks, Kölsch, and Altbiers. {6-8L}

Flaked Barley - All of our flakes are pregelatinized, which enables the brewer to produce an unlimited variety of beer styles without using a cereal cooker. Produces lighter color in the final beer without lowering the final gravity. {1.4L}

Flaked Maize - Popular in the production of pre-prohibition pilsners, and cream ales. Add subtle sweetness. {0.8L}

Flaked Oats – Used in the production of oatmeal stouts. {2.5L}

Flaked Rice - Provides more fermentables without increasing body and flavor. {1L}

Flaked Rye - Adds a crisp and slightly spicy character. {3L}

Flaked Wheat - Contributes less color than wheat malt and increases foam and head retention. {2L}

Golden Promise (Simpsons) - Historically the Scottish analog to English Maris Otter malts, Golden Promise is well used in any English or Scottish style ale. The sweet, robust malt flavor of Golden Promise has also made it a choice base malt for American IPAs, lagers, and several famous whiskeys. {2.7L}

Honey Malt (Gambrinus) - This 2-row barley malt is similar in style to German “brumalt,” but with its honey-like taste and residual sweetness, it really doesn’t compare to any other malt. Best used in brown ales, porters and stouts. {15-20L}

Maris Otter (Muntons) - Premium-quality ale malt intended for the production of top-quality English and American ales. {3L}

Midnight Wheat (Briess) - An excellent malt for color with subtle, smooth flavor for Black IPAs, dark wheat beers and Schwarzbier. Use up to 10% for deep color plus mild, smooth flavor in porters and stouts. Deep color with mild roasted/chocolate/coffee flavors. {550L}

Munich Malt (Avangard) – Produced from a 6-Row variety of barley, Munich delivers a smooth and malty sweet flavor with a rich golden-orange color. Add small amounts (10 - 20%) to your mash to increase malt flavors or use up to 50% in bock-style beers. {6L}

Pale Ale 2-Row Malt (Avangard) – A premium Pale Malt from Germany. Give your beer a warm, malty flavor with this fully modified base malt. {3L}

Pale Ale 2-Row Malt (Briess) - an American, ale-style base malt. It has a rich malt flavor with hints of biscuit and nut, and contributes a rich, golden color to wort. Made from 2-row barley varieties, Briess Pale Ale has a slightly lower protein content and a slightly higher yield than 6-row base malts. Although its diastatic power is lower than some base malts, it has sufficient enzymes to support the inclusion of even the most demanding specialty malts. It is very versatile can be used as a base malt for any beer style. {3.5L}

Pale Malt Brewers 2-Row (Briess) - Gives a smoother, less grainy flavor. Basic malt for a ll beer and ale styles. {1.8L}

Pale Malt Brewers 6-Row (Briess) - The enzymes are sufficient to support high percentages of specialty malts in the mash. {1.7L}

Pale Chocolate (Crisp) - A combination of fully modified UK grain derivatives. {350-450L}

Pale Malt (Malt Company of Ireland) - produced from Irish 2-row spring barley which is grown with all the benefits of fertile soils, mild temperate oceanic climate and the long growing season. These factors help to provide a malting barley with very large and plump kernels, which makes it ideal for brewing. Due to a special kilning process this malt develops a rich sweet malty of flavor and aroma and a rich, golden color. This malt will give a lasting depth of flavor to your brew and can be used on its own, or combined with other malt types to produce a variety of beers. {2.0-3.5L}

Peated Malt (Simpsons) – The ingredient for providing the essential Peat flavor in Scotch Whisky and Whiskey around the world. Also suitable for smoked beer styles; a little goes a long way! {1.7L}

Pilsen Malt (Briess) - Produces a very light colored beer with a clean malt character. {1.2L}

Pilsen Malt (Avangard) – A premium pilson malt from one of Germany's largest maltsters. Used in many styles of beer. {1.5L}

Red Wheat (Briess) - Used in the production of Weizenbier and Weiss Bier. Flavor contributions: creamy, sweet, malty, wheat, floury. {2.3L}

Roasted Barley (Briess) - Provides a sweet, grainy, coffee-like flavor and a red to deep brown color. {300L}

Rye (Briess) - Use in 5% increments until desired flavor is achieved. Add rice hulls when using more than 20%. {2-4L}

Special B - (Dingemans) - Dark caramel color used for specialty beers. {150L}

Stout Malt (Malt Company of Ireland) - A light-colored base malt produced from Propino barley. It's characterized by plump kernels with very low protein and high extract. The kilning temperature is kept low (82-84 °C) resulting in a lighter wort with higher enzyme levels. The Irish Stout Malt is a versatile malt that performs well in the brewhouse. Typically used as the base for the top tier Irish Stout brands, it can be used in almost any application where traditional English type malts are preferred. {1.5-2L}

Torrified Wheat - Insta Grains Soft Red Wheat, Whole Kernel. Popular with the British breweries in the production of pale ales. {1.5L}

Victory (Briess) - Provides a deep golden to brown color. Excellent for Nut Brown Ales. {28L}

Vienna (Avangard) - The increased malty flavor balances nicely with higher-hopped, higher color and fuller bodied beers. {4-5L}

Wheat (Avangard) – A premium German wheat malt. Contributes flavor, head retention, lightened mouthfeel, and improved yeast activity. {2L}

White Wheat (Briess) - Gives a malty flavor not obtained with raw wheat. Provides a deep golden to brown color. {2.5L}