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Eternal Sunrise Ale (American Pale Ale)
- A light and refreshing summertime ale that combines the distinct fruit characteristics of German Hull Melon hops with lemon peel and (optional) crushed coriander seeds.

Leprechaun's Soul (Irish Oatmeal Stout)
- An Irish Oatmeal Stout that features the Malt Company of Ireland's Stout Malt as its base. Cinnamon and Star Anise compliment the flavors from the grains resulting in a smooth, yet complex stout.

Braggot To The Bone (Braggot)
- A cross between beer and mead, this braggot tops out somewhere around 14% ABV. Honey, tangerine peel, coriander seeds, cinnamon sticks, and a small amount of willamette hops combine to create an easy drinking beverage that tingles the palate, and warms the body.

Big Boy Stout (Irish Stout)
- This beer is full-bodied and almost black in color. The oats round out the beer, giving a nice mouth-feel and “chewy” texture. The specialty grains give this brew its distinctive roasted quality, while masking the higher than average alcohol content. The beer drinker’s ultimate “breakfast of champions.”

Spring Fling Amber Ale (American Amber)
- A unique amber ale that melds the citrus characteristics of Cascade and Galena hops with dried tangerine peel, resulting in a refreshing spring ale.

German Hefeweizen (German Wheat)
- A simple recipe for making a traditional German Hefeweizen. The perfect introduction to beer brewing for wheat beer lovers.

Otter Bite IPA (American IPA)
- A delicious IPA that marries the gentle characteristics of Cluster and Cascade hops. Maltodextrin imparts smoothness while a touch of chocolate malt adds to the complexity.

Summer Honey Wheat (Wheat - Blue Moon Clone)
- A clone of the popular Blue Moon wheat beer, this recipe uses 2 lbs of honey and 2 oz of orange peel to impart the distinct citrus characteristic displayed by the original.

Happy Hop Oktoberfest (Oktoberfest)
- Our take on the classic Oktoberfest style.

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