Apple Wine Recipe

APPLE WINE RECIPE Basic 1 gallon recipe –  Full Body 14-16 lbs Apples or 1Gallon Juice 1 lbs sugar (Approximate)

  1. 1½ tsp acid blend
  2. ½ tsp Pectic Enzyme
  3.  1 tsp Yeast Nutrient
  4.  1 Campden Tablet (Crushed)
  5.  1 pkg Champagne Yeast
  6.  4 oz Wine Expert White Grape Concentrate
  7.  Later: 1 tsp anti-oxidant (ascorbic acid) 

A.Only apples that are sound (firm, ripe) and free of rot and worm damage should be used. Wash and sort out the apples. A better wine is produced by fermenting on the juice (without pulp) so you should press the juice from the apples. Cut the apples into small pieces wash thoroughly and remove seeds before pressing.

B.Add the pressed juice to your primary fermenter (bucket). Mix in your crushed campden tablets, pectic enzyme, acid blend, yeast nutrient, and Wine Exptert Grape Concentrate. Take a specific gravity reading – this will help you decide how much sugar to add. (Most wines should start at 1.090) Start adding your sugar, stirring thoroughly until the desired gravity reading is reached.

C.Cover with lid and airlock, after 24 hours, take the lid off, stir thoroughly for 2-3 minutes, sprinkle the yeast on top and cover with lid and airlock. Remember to sanitize your spoon/paddle before stirring wine! Put your fermenter in a dry location about 65-75 deg F.

D.After approximately 24 hours, your airlock should be bubbling. This is a good indication that fermentation has started. Now it is time to open the lid and stir the must with your sanitized paddle. Stir everyday and take a hydrometer reading) for 3-5 days or until specific gravity has dropped to 1.040.

E.When your gravity reading is at 1.040, siphon the wine from the primary fermenter into your sanitized secondary glass carboy/jug leaving sediment behind. Place the airlock half-filled with water on your secondary fermenter.

F.Your airlock will continue to bubble, let this sit for another 10 days or until the specific gravity is 1.0 or below. (Check your S.G. towards the end of the 10 day period.) At this point you can transfer to another sanitized carboy leaving sediment behind, stabilize with potassium sorbate and sweeten to taste. (You can add ½ - 1 crushed campden tablet per gallon along with the sorbate to help keep your wine from oxidizing.) If your wine is not clear, there are several clarifying agents you can add at this time, we suggest SUPER-KLEER. Note – it is important at this stage to transfer your wine into an appropriate size carboy so the wine is 2-5 inches from the neck. Extra oxygen at this stage can hasten oxidation that can turn your wine brown over time.

G.Let your wine sit for 10-14 days or until clear. Then bottle your wine into sanitized bottles. Add ascorbic acid at bottling. Bon appetite!