Malt Extract Kits

American Light (Muntons)
American Style Light Beer - A gentle delicate light lager, subtly flavoured...
Bock Bier Malt Extract (Muntons) - 4 lb.
40 pint Bock Style Beer Kit. (23 Litres total) OG 1040-1044.
Canadian Style Beer (Muntons)
Canadian Style Pre-Hopped Malt Extract Kit. Makes 23 Liters.
Export Pilsner (Muntons)
Full bodied lager with a distinctive hop flavor. Makes 23 liters.
Export Stout (Muntons)
Full, rich, dark beer. Makes 23 Liters
IPA Bitter (Muntons)
Bitter with a nice balance. Yields 23 Liters.
Irish Stout Malt Extract (Muntons)
Similar to Guinness, Murphy's, or O'Shea's. A very dark and hoppy beer of...
Mexican Cervesa (Muntons)
Authentic Mexican thirst quencher. Makes 23 Liters.
Nut Brown Ale (Muntons)
Dark and smooth, a brown ale with a slightly "nutty" character.
Premium Bitter (Muntons)
Classic English pub bitter that is well-balanced and full of taste.
Premium Old Ale (Muntons)
Rich and warming with an unmistakable "aged" flavor.
Premium Pilsner (Muntons)
A light, yet full-bodied lager for the more discerning palate.
Wheat Beer (Muntons)
Refreshing golden treat. Makes 23 liters.