Ball Lock Disconnect (Gas - 1/4" Barb)
Connects the gas line from the CO2 tank to the top of a ball lock keg....
Ball Lock Disconnect (Liquid - 1/4" Barb)
Connects the hand held faucet or shank to the OUT port of the ball lock keg....
Beer Keg Line (Black - 3/16") - Per Foot
Beer line tubing. Black, liquid side.
Black Faucet Knob
Black plastic knob that attaches to the top of the faucet.
Chrome Plated Faucet with Brass Lever
Chrome faucet used in conjunction with shank to dispense beer.
Cornelius Keg Gasket Set
Includes 2 O-Ring Tank Plugs, 2 O-Ring Dip Tubes, & Closure O-Ring.
Duplex Coupler
Used to allow "easy switch" between homebrew kegs and commercial kegs.
Hex Nut - Nickel Plated
Secures the hose nipple and hex nut neoprene washer to the shank.
Hose Nipple - 1/4" ID
Barb fitting that joins the shank assembly to the beer line.
Neoprene Washer - Hex Nut
Creates seal between the hose nipple and the shank.
Neoprene Washer - Ice Box Coupler
Creates seal between the shank face and the refrigerator door.
Picnic Dispensing Faucet
Traditional dispensing faucet.
Reconditioned Empty Co2 Tank - 2.5 lb.
Tanks have been hydro tested.
Shank Assembly - 4 1/8" x 1/4"
Fits most standard refrigerator doors and sidewalls.
Shut Off With Check Valve
Shut off with check valve that keeps beer from backing up into the regulator.
Stainless Steel Mini Keg Growler - 64 oz.
A 64 oz, stainless steel, indestructible mini keg for bottling or...
Standard Faucet Wrench
Allows you to tighten the shank nut that secures the faucet to the shank.
Stepless O-Clamp - 9/16"
Secures the gas line or liquid line tubing to a barbed fitting without...
The Keg Cleaner
Drill powered corny keg cleaner.