10" Plastic Hydrometer Test Jar
Hydrometer test jar for beer and wine samples
14" Vintage Shop Test Jar
One piece molded, alcohol resistant, dishwasher safe.
5 pH Stabilizer - 1 lb (Five Star)
Locks in your mash and kettle water at a pH of 5.2.
Acid Testing Kit
Everything you need to test and balance the acidity of your wine.
ALLA Digital Thermometer
(-58 to +392 deg F.)
ALLA Triple Scale Hydrometer
Triple scale wine and beer hydrometer in clear plastic tube with instructions.
Anvil Thermometer - NPT
Anvil thermometer with a temperature range of 45-220F (7-100C).
Anvil Weldless Thermometer
Anvil thermometer with a temperature range of 45-220F (7-100C). 1/2" hole in...
Bi-Metal Dial Thermometer With Clip
With 9" stainless stem & clip, 0-220 deg F., 2" dial.
Bimetal Brewmometer 60-220 Fixed
The most accurate thermometer of it's type on the market.
Adjustable Brewing Thermometer
Fixed Brewing Thermometer
Erlenmeyer Flask - 1000 ml.
Perfect for yeast starters!
Erlenmeyer Flask - 2000 ml.
Perfect for yeast starters!
Floating Thermometer
Hard case included.
Floating Thermometer (Brewer's Best)
Range 0-110 º C. or 20-212 º F.
Laboratory Grade Thermometer
12". Scale 0-220° F, 0-120° C
Liquid Crystal Dual Scale Thermometer
Adhesive backing for attaching to the outside of a fermenter.
pH Meter Buffer Solution 7.01 - 20 ml.
For calibrating pH meters.
PH Strips - Beermaking Range (4.6 - 6.2)
Beer range PH strips. 100/vial.