Winemaking Supplies

California Chardonnay (Selection)
A wine with deep complexity and character.
California Gewurztraminer (Selection)
Crisp, lush, and refreshing.
California Merlot (Selection)
Perfectly balances berry and spice flavors with a smooth, supple texture.
California Riesling (Selection)
Displays a flowery bouquet, complex fruit and cinnamon flavors and a crisp,...
California White Zinfandel (Selection)
Particularly enjoyable as a chilled delight on a summer afternoon.
Carboy Brush
30" tip tuft.
Cheesecloth (36" x 36")
36" x 36"
Cherry Puree - 49 oz.
Vintner's Harvest.
Cherry Wine Base (Vintner's Best) - 1 Gallon
Makes 5 gallons. Just add water and yeast!
Chilean Malbec (Selection)
An intense bouquet of damson plums, blackcurrant and violet aroma.
Chilean Merlot (Selection)
Powerful fruit and spice flavor, with mellow tannins for a supple finish.
Citric Acid - 1 lb.
Used to lower pH.
Citric Acid - 2 oz.
Used to lower pH.
Clear Glass Jug - 1 Gallon
Perfect for secondary fermentation of 1 gallon of beer or wine.
Clear Screw Top Bordeaux Bottles (750 ml.) - 12 count
12/case. Screw caps not included.
Coarse (#1) Mini Jet Filter Pads
Package of three pads. Micron rating 6.0
Coarse (#1) Super Jet Filter Pad
Package of three pades. Micron rating 6.0